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MOND Technologies provides a complete integration solution based upon best-of-breed and up-to-date open source components.

Middleware ESB

The Enterprise Service Bus is the corner stone of your Service Oriented Architecture. It will act as the mediator between the Service Providers and the Service Consumers. The ESB will take care of topics like routing, transformation, security etc. All aspects of integration can be handled in this central piece, thus avoiding lots of point-to-point integrations, which will be difficult and cumbersome to maintain.

We at MOND Technologies believe in Open Source ESB. There is no need to spend millions and millions for a pure IT function. In the last years several open source solutions have matured and are  - from a functionality perspective - equally powerful than commercial suites.

The core of our MOND ESB is based upon the recognized open source leading components from Apache, which are Service-Mix and Camel. This integrated  with some other components results that you do not need to bother about the sometimes cumbersome configuration of open source products. Everything is ready for direct use.

The MOND ESB is a complete and integrated system, which has all necessary features in order to manage your integration between your different systems:

  • Adapters for File, HTTP, JMS, Web Services and Beans out of the box

  • Additional adapters available for SAP, Oracle, SQLServer

  • Content based routing

  • Simple and complex transformation

  • Central monitoring and configuration

In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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