Import of chapter1-3 files

How to complete your IUCLID registration with MOND IUCLID Connector

Import of chapter1-3 files

Postby renaud » 18 Apr 2010 09:18


I had one left in my file, exported from MOND at the time it was still in. I uploaded it in MOND, don(t know if it is the latest version.
From the attached files, I have now import errors as follows:

Errors on “HIT urea” import:
- Cvc-enumeration/cvc-attribute couple (twice in above list): Row 45 and row 150: Error on unit “% (w/w)” only for these rows, “% (w/w)” gives error anywhere else.
- Cvc-complex-type.4: attribute ‘uniquekey’ (twice in above list): Row 138: if you remove both sites, both errors disappear.
- As for the 2 first ones (“Version” and Invalid content), please have a look on what happens.
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