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MOND Technologies is passionate about solving your problems and supporting your business with cost-effective and up-to-date solutions.

About Us

Our vision of IT is that of a place of highly motivated, trained and enthusiastic IT people. They are working and collaborating openly and develop and maintain systems using modern approaches, techniques and tools. Next to their daily job they have sufficient time to dive into IT innovation and evolution to be up-to-date and on the bleeding edge site of IT. They have a good architecture understanding to put their work in an overall context and in the big picture.

As we do believe in our vision, this is also the way we work. Since 2007 MOND Technologies is passionate about IT and helping clients to achieve their goals. Our people are very experienced, worked at a lot of different clients around Europe and have a deep understanding in funcional domains as well as of course in technology.

Our main field of expertise is IT architecture and all of its surrounding topics like integration, security, modularity, guidelines and best practices. Due to our deep understanding, we strive to develop intelligent solutions. Intelligent solutions should be:

  • Easy to understand and operate

  • Future proof and scalable

  • Cost efficient and value add

 We are here to support and serve you!


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