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BEAM Xchange

Very often we needed to be able to handle Excel data, as this is still the tool and format of choice of the business. The exchange with Excel data is often not easy due to the complexity, which Excels can have.

Therefore we created a cloud-based solution, where you can define transformations based upon the Excel templates you are using. This allows the transformation of the data into XML or JSON. Once the mapping is defined, any number of transformations can be executed in a highly parallel fashion using our cloud service.

BEAM Xchange has the following features:

  • Define your mappings directly in Excel

  • Leverage the cloud for running your transformations

  • Highly scalable and pay-per-use

You can try out BEAM online for free. Just go to www.beam-cloud.com and sign-up for our free basic package.

In case you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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