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Comply to SEPA standards!

MOND Technologies offers a powerful solution to transform your payment data between SEPA and Swift using semantic mappings.


SEPA (Single European Payment Area) is the future of a consolidated European payment system. It provides standards and guidelines for the processing of all kind of payment data and enables the exchange of payment information across Europe.

But many companies face the issue how to create SEPA compliant messages for the data exchange. We created the SEPA converter to be able to easily map between different formats to SEPA and back. It provides several adapters and transport protocols, so that you are able to connect it with your systems easily.

MOND SEPA converter is the pre-packaged application for a rapid and evolutive SEPA implementation in compliance with European directives. It can serve both banking institutions as well as corporates with automated payment factories.

The SEPA Converter can be either installed locally at your premise, or you use it as a Cloud service. In the latter case you just pay per performed conversion, so a real pay-per-use setup. We are happy to support you in your calculation for the best option.

MOND Technologies SEPA/SWIFT converter offers the following features:

  •  Support of SWIFT MT and MX format
  • Pre-packaged payment dictionary - UNIFI ISO 20022

  • Connection to payment back-end system(s) - Cobol copy-books, ®webSphere MQSeries, ®SAP Netweaver and many others transport protocols

  • Connection to clearing house or banking hub(s) - EBA Step2, PEACH and many others

In case of further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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