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MOND Technologies aims to deliver intelligent solutions for industry specific and general problems using modern and proven technologies.


During our work at our customers we learn a lot about your problems and challenges you are facing every day. As we have the advantage to work at multiple customers, we can identify patterns and see, where an intelligent solution could be developed in order to help.

When we create solutions, we want to ensure that they are of high quality and fulfil your needs. We put a lot of enthusiasm and all of our experience into the development of our solutions. We will ensure that they are constantly updated and maintained for a long period.

  • IUCLID Connector: This is a solution aimed for the challenges of manufacturing companies, which need to report their substances according to REACH.

  • SEPA/Swift: This solution has been created in order to face the challenges of financial institutes to transform their data to SEPA compliant formats.

  • Clinical Trial Xchange: Upload your trial data directly from the Excels into your central data repository, leveraging XML and JSON data formats

In case you have questions aboud our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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