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Use Intelligent Solutions!

MOND Technologies offers intelligent enterprise solutions and consulting services, backed by our a wealth of experience in the world of IT.


Welcome to MOND Technologies. MOND stands for for Mapping ON Demand, a set of unique products and industry specific solutions that abstract complex data transformation using semantic structures, for example the SEPA/SWIFT converter, the IUCLID Connector or our Clinical Trial Data Transformer. These solutions are now deployed in several high-performing companies within the financial and industrial sectors within Europe.


Providing Exceptional Products

Based upon our long lasting integration experience, we ensembled our best ideas into a set of robust, highly flexible and scalable intelligent integration products, which form the basis of our intelligent solutions.
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Offering Intelligent Solutions

We develop intelligent solutions for a multitude of customer requirements. Our solutions cover a general Middleware/ESB solution, the IUCID Connector and a SEPA/SWIFT transformer.
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A Sound and Dynamic Company

We are a fast growing company. As such, we are looking for enthusiastic people to join our team in supporting us in our mission to bring intelligence into IT.
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MOND Technologies also creates specific offerings and services, backed by a team of high class and very experienced  IT  professionals. A team with a large breadth of customers and industries, we focus on helping you to meet today’s demanding challenges in a way that leaves you satisfied in our results:

  • Developing an IT strategy and roadmap that is able to execute quickly

  • Defining an IT architecture that delivers business results and fits the It strategy

  • Prepare you for emerging and new technologies such as SOA and Cloud Computing

  • And simply, remove the headachs and failures within the world of IT Integration

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us, we are happy to support you!