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MOND Technologies offers you innovative products to build intelligent solutions for your problems!


Due to our long and often painful experience on projects, solving integration and data translation issues, we concluded that the time is right to think about an intelligent approach on solving these issues. This has led to the development of our products, which also form the basis of our industry specific solutions.

Our products have been highy appreciated by the market and adopted by a lot of clients, who got tired of integration spaghetti and investing tons of money into complex integration solutions:

  • MOND Integration Engine: Cloud based middleware, allowing to define data mappings based upon a semantic approach and offering a wide area of adapters and protocols to connect your systems.

  • BEAM Xchange: A soluton for solving translation and mapping of data between Excel and XML/JSON to overcome one of the most often found integration hurdles.

  • SPINE: A solution to organise your data into an easily searchable graph network to open up the hidden treasuries in your organisation.


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