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AXA Bank
AXA Bank Europe, located in Brussels, is AXA Group’s banking arm that provides retail banking solutions to individuals  and small companies in Europe.
MOND participated in the first SEPA chain by integrating the clearing payments from the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) Hub into AXA legacy systems. Further extensions have been developped for corporate payments (Isabel).
Thanks to the preconfigured templates for SEPA, AXA has been ready for production in just about two months without any change to its back-end systems. The platform did not experience any production issue since its launch in February 2008.

DSM is a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials. It acquires Roche Vitamins & Fine Chemicals in September 2003.

MOND has been selected to aggregate the multiple product databases from former Roche Vitamins spread over multiple geographies and departments into the DSM eBusiness landscape.

The semantics automatic recognition capability enabled a quick discovery, analysis and cleansing of disparated databases. MOND software solved a complexity, which could not be addressed with the traditionnal middleware, ESB and other ETL from the marketplace.

Since the Dayton Peace Agreement of 1995, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) is characterized by a complex and rather dysfunctional institutional landscape. Particularly central level institutions, whose performance is not only crucial for a uniform development of the country but also for accession to the European Union (EU), are not living up to expectations. For this reason, in 2010, based on an intergovernmental agreement between Germany and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany's Ministry for International Cooperation and Development has commissioned Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to launch a "Programme for the Strengthening of Public Institutions" (SPI), which aims at improving the structure, processes and services of a number of carefully selected central-level institutions.

The Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) is among the institutions supported by SPI in the areas cash management, asset and risk management, cooperation with statistical agencies and IT architecture. GIZ selected MOND Technologies to support CBBH in the area of IT Architecture. In the beginning of 2012 the experts from MOND Technologies conducted an initial gap analysis of the overall CBBH IT based upon a structured approach. They went beyond the mere IT architecture finding also potential for improvement in the IT organisation, strategy and application management. MOND Technologies compiled a report with all findings and proposed an action plan with a detailed list of activities. The report has been presented to the CBBH governing board and was accepted.

GIZ in a next step awarded the contract for the implementation of a plan based upon the report to MOND Technologies. Since mid of 2012, experts from MOND Technologies are on site and working with the IT key people to establish IT strategy and governance practices and to improve the IT organisation. In addition they support on projects for introducing new systems at CBBH. Based upon these experiences, MOND Technologies drafted a handbook for GIZ about implementing IT management and governance in Central Banks in developing and emerging countries.


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