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Clinical Trial Xchange

Clinical trials require collecting large data amounts coming from Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) or directly from hospitals. In addition, an entirely new trial is required frequently in order to validate the results for example for testing a larger population, for pursuing production methods identified in the study or for modifying the treatment protocol.

The data collection process is currently using traditional technology solutions like Electronic Data Captures (EDC), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or mostly exchange of papers. MOND BEAM leverages the integration capabilities of MOND software to handle multiple channels (Web, IVR, Mobile) to support the end-to-end input process of data into the Pharmaceutical systems.

In addition MOND BEAM provides the option to upload Clinical Trial using simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This system enables end-users to input directly data in their own defined format just by simply configuring the relationship between the Excel structure and the records to be uploaded. Once done, there is no need for any redundant data entries.


The benefits are lower drug development costs due to shortening or in some cases eliminating lead times between trial phases, ending unsuccessful trials or identifying adverse side effects sooner.


The MOND BEAM solution is a full fledge cloud solution dedicated to healthcare companies, which are looking for:

  •  Input of data through secure http, ftp or web service
  • Support of Excel, XML or EDI formats HL7 or CDISC

  • 99,99% availability with history logs

  • Subscription base model based on usage

Please also watch our video on MOND BEAM.

In case of further questions or if you would like to have a demo, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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