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Connect your IUCLID system!

MOND Technologies solution allows you to easily harmonize your substances between your SAP and IUCLID and manage them centrally.

IUCLID Connector

The world of chemical substances is a complex one. And it does not become more simple with all the different systems involved. Each system has its own data definition and substance data. What you need is a cockpit, where your experts can harmonize easily the data between the systems.

This is in simple terms explained the IUCLID Connector, a powerful tool, which allows you to look at substance data in the different systems and harmonize them. You can search in the systems, select a substance each and compare the data. You can move data from one system to the other and save at any point in time, either just locally or directly updating the data in the source systems.

The IUCLID Connector is offered either as an on-premise solution or as a hosted Cloud service. The architecture of the solution is based upon Java technology. There is a server component, where all mappings will be stored. We designed the client itself to be close to IUCLID, thus also offering the advantages of a rich client. in case you decide for the hosted solution, you have the full power of the IUCLID Connector provided via a web browser.

IUCLID Connector comes with built-in support for IUCLID 5.3 and SAP EH&S. The interfaces are simple to configure and your experts are able to start within minutes.The IUCLID connector offers:

  • A cockpit to continuously watch the status of already harmonized data

  • An interface for harmonizing data between IUCLID and SAP

  • Easy handling of UUID, EC & CAS Numbers

  • Creation of new endpoints in IUCLID based upon SAP data

  • Configurable settings to adopt to your own needs

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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